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ThermoClean TC-3000 Video

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THERMOCLEAN technology has been developed over the past 22 years by the technicians at Jentek Environmental Industries Inc. These are portable units with a unique top-loaded Cascading Soil Remediation design that causes soil to fall like a waterfall through several chambers with high heat travelling counter-current to the soil, allowing the heat to penetrate into and through the soil with utmost efficiency. This technology reduces decontamination costs, removes up to 99% of Hydrocarbon contaminants by volatizing and separating them and then destroys the HC contaminant vapors in the Thermal Oxidizer.

THERMOCLEAN systems meet or exceed all air emission standards, small footprint and operate on Natural Gas, Propane, Diesel or Biofuel for heat supply. Many options in design are available to meet your specific Soil Remediation requirements.